Food - drink

Following the international nutritional trends and the continuous development of the relevant legislation, the F&B industry in Greece has become very demanding, as far as both the nutritional value and quality of the product and the health and safety of the consumer are concerned.

Our company can offer a wide range of additives and functional ingredients, which is regularly renewed to meet the needs of modern industry. 

Being focused on ingredients of natural origin, we select and supply to the F&B industry functional additives which give the following advantages to the end-products:
  1. Improvement and standardization of their organoleptic characteristics
  2. Preservation and improvement of their natural flavour, colour and other characteristics
  3. Attractive appearance
  4. Highlighting of their nutritional value 
  5. Shelf life extension
  6. Differentiation from competition in the local market but also in the European and international markets
  7. Improvement of production conditions